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About us - April3rdfoods

April3rd Foods was founded on one tasty day in Dec 2010 by Lokesh Anchala @ Bangalore. In the wonderful monsoon season in Bangalore, on a rainy evening we were looking for some exotic hot n spicy snack. We tried preparing those yummy mouth-watering MOMOs. And that was our Eureka moment which soon became our signature snack. we have been busy satisfying the taste buds of innumerable consumers since then. We believe that mouthwatering tastes can only be achieved by using the freshest, highest quality ingredients. It’s the kind of quality our fans deserve! We want to exceed our customers expectations with crave-worthy, fresh and handcrafted fare. We take pride in our ISO compliant factory where thousands of momos are handcrafted hygienicallly every single day. We never add any preservatives or artificial colors to our products. Problems that we solve Skilled labour dependency - As frozen Momos are ready to steam / fry / Pan fry / Tandoor. 2. Food wastage - As frozen Momos comes with shelf life, unlike fresh ones which gets spoiled if unsold by end of the day. 3. Inconsistent taste - As factory made packaged products comes with standard bill of materials / recipes. 4. Limited Menu - As Making multiple varieties freshly is very time consuming and there is a risk of wastage due to uneven demand of each variety. 5. Unclear Cost - As cost price is fixed, selling price can also be fixed with more clarity. 6. Kitchen Space : No need to have kitchen space to make Momos.

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