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Autism Education Program - SASAE

  • NIOS Admissions 2020-SASAE

    SASAE is one of the Reputed NIOS Study Center in Bangalore, Karnataka that offers the best in class education for the students. SASAE’s NIOS admission center takes admissions throughout the year to help students in not wasting their precious time. At SASAE admission is open for the academic year 2020. System for Alternative Schooling and Education in Karnataka is one of the Reputed NIOS Study Center. One concern for potential homeschooling parents is that they will be ultimately responsible for their child’s education. But by working with SASAE, that responsibility is shared and you will always have someone on hand to help on your homeschooling journey. All students receive the support of a Student Progress Manager and our team of tutors. If your child has additional needs, our Support for Learning Manager is always on hand with a range of additional services including Special Educational Needs Support, Study Skills, and Mentoring sessions.

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